Why Us


100% Hand Car Wash & Detailing

CR Automotive Detailing is a Central Pennsylvania luxury hand car wash for everybody. Whether you drive a minivan or a Lamborghini, CR Automotive Detailing can take care of you and your car. We pride ourselves in customer service and detailing. So, we built a state of the art waiting room where you are fully taken care of while your car receives the CR care it deserves. We offer a coffee bar, Wi-Fi, and 7 televisions. So, waiting for your car to be washed is as painless and smooth as possible.

  • We offer excellent Customer Service.
  • We make sure to build a Relationship with you and your car.
  • Professional detailing & Car Care will help keep the value of you car.
  • Respecting you and your car.
  • Staying Consistent with our hand car washes.

Meet The Guys

“Our crew members are trained, skilled and fully equipped with all of the necessary supplies needed so that we can deliver the best results.”
Cameron Shirk
Cameron Shirk
Cameron Shirk is a Harrisburg native and a Messiah College Alumnus. Over the last five years, he has accelerated growth while maintaining his focus on building relationships with customers. His professionalism and eye for detail has helped implement positive change and expert service to the hand car wash and detailing industry by offering additional services such as paint correction, ceramic coating, etc. Cameron‘s passion and love for cars has allowed for creative enhancements to the menu of options at CR Automotive Detailing. He strives to treat others the same way that he would prefer to be treated and it’s something that he has incorporated into this company as well as his every day life.