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CR/ Membership Application 

Monthly Unlimited Plan

  1. ENROLLMENT. The undersigned member (“Member”) hereby engages CR Automotive Detailing, LLC (“CR”) and enrolls in the CR Unlimited Monthly Car Wash and Detailing Plan (the “CR Membership Plan”) pursuant to the terms and conditions of this (“Agreement”).

Services: Under the CR Membership Plan, the Member receives unlimited exterior and interior cleaning. A professional hand wash and dry, washing of the wheels, cleaning all windows, interior vacuum, tire dressing, cleaning of the rubber floor mats, light wipe down of dash, console, doors, seats, blowout trim/cracks, crevasses and door jams.

CR Family Plan: The CR Family Membership Plan is available for parents and children residing at the same residence in which the largest of the eligible vehicles is registered at the monthly fee and each additional vehicle is registered at amount equal to the monthly fee reduced by 15%.

Additional Charges: Extended SUV, Van or Dually - $5.00. Spray Wax - $15.00/month
Additional abnormal cleaning fees may be charged on a per visit basis for excessive dirt, ice removal, and for vehicle attachment such as: roof storage containers, snow plows, etc.

Term: The minimum term is for 90 days.

Payment/Recurring Charge Authorization: By enrolling in this CR Membership Plan, Member agrees to be charged the Monthly Rate indefinitely until this Agreement is terminated and cancelled pursuant to Amendment Agreements or Cancellation Form Policies and Procedures. Monthly charges permitted under this Agreement will be made on the 1st day of each month. The Member agrees that for each subsequent month the Company may charge my credit/debit card on or about the first day of each month the Monthly Rate, as it may be adjusted from time to time, for the wash package selected in my Application.
Any outstanding balance of such membership subscription fee will remain due and payable in accordance with this Agreement. If the Member fails to pay the Member’s monthly subscription fees within 30 days after the date such payment is due, the Member’s membership privileges will be cancelled, and the Member will have to re-apply for membership under new Terms & Conditions.
Member acknowledges that the Member is responsible for all accrued and unpaid charges in accordance with Discontinuation Policies and Procedures.


Member Information
SignatureI agree to the terms and conditions
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Appointments. Only CR Members may schedule appointments via the link received by email upon subscribing as a member at https://crautomotivedetailing.com/member-application/.

If a Member schedules an appointment and the Member desires to cancel the appointment, the Member must provide notice to CR within two (2) hours of the scheduled appointment via phone, text or email, CR may charge the Member a cancellation fee of $10.00 per missed appointment.

Denied, Canceled, Expired Charge Cards & Late Fees: If a credit/debit card is denied for any month, Company shall continue to attempt to charge that credit/debit card the Monthly Rate plus any and all accrued and unpaid amounts as per the Recurring Charge Authorization. A denied, canceled, or expired credit card, does not constitute discontinuation and Member shall continue to be liable and responsible for payment of the Monthly Rate until such time that the Member has submitted a completed Amendment Agreements or Cancellation Form pursuant to the Discontinuation Policy defined herein regardless of lack of use. All charges that could not be processed (including bounced submissions or denied charges) shall incur a late fee of $10 for every day past the 1st day of each month that the Member has a balance (original and all interim accrued charges) overdue.

In the event that my credit/debit card expires or its use is otherwise limited by the issuer and the Company is unable to charge the credit card in accordance with these payment terms, the Member will promptly either renew the credit/debit card or provide the Company with an alternate credit card and provide the Company with all new applicable information; and if the Member does not, the Member agrees CR may deactivate my license plate and that such deactivation does not relieve or reduce my obligations for payment provided elsewhere in this Agreement.

Registered Vehicle/Change of Registered Vehicle: The “Registered Vehicle” listed on the Membership Application (the “Application”) is the only vehicle eligible to participate in the CR Membership Plan.

Membership is transferable upon purchase of a new car or upon providing official notice to the Company not more than once every 90 days. When replacing one Registered Car and replacing it with another, the Member will not be charged as long as there is only one Registered Car. To avoid paying for two cars, please complete and submit an Amendment Agreements or Cancellation Form with the cashier to change your Membership subscription by cancelling the old Registered Car and enrolling the new Registered Car. Amendment Agreements or Cancellation Form must be completed before bringing the unregistered car into the wash lane.

Hours / Closing Policy. Company’s hours may vary from time to time. Company may close at any time on any day for any reason. Company is scheduled to be closed on: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day/July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Closing early, closing entirely for a day or period of days does not constitute a failure to provide CR Membership Plan Benefits as described in this Agreement and no Member shall be given a whole or partial refund for any reason due to Company being closed.

The Member understands and acknowledges that the Company cannot be held responsible in cases where the car wash is closed for whatever reason which may include but are not limited to weather, holidays, or equipment maintenance or renovation. There are no refunds, credits or adjustments for days or for times that the car wash is temporarily closed due to inclement weather or maintenance.

Discontinuation Procedure. By participating in this CR Membership Plan, the Member understands that to discontinue this Agreement, the Member is required to notify CR in person or in writing and the Member must render full payment for unpaid services prior to cancellation.

Contract Changes/Additional Benefits. CR reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement, including Rate Schedule and CR Membership Plan Benefits without notice. The most recent Rate Schedule and CR Membership Plan Benefits are available on CR’s website the www.crautomotivedetailing.com.

This Agreement does not bind CR to offer any advertised benefits other than those explicitly listed in this Agreement. Additional promotions and benefits are decided at the sole discretion of CR.

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